Risk Management Newsletter – Spring 2018, Issue 1

Lee Agency’s Risk Management Newsletter

Spring 2018 | Issue 1

Top Five Lessons Learned from Exercises

  1. Testing your communication methods is essential to ensure all pieces are operational.
  2. Incident Command Teams are key components to successful emergency response.
  3. Our drills shined light on significant inefficiencies requiring review and discussion.
  4. Evening and weekend emergency plans were lacking.
  5. Emergency response checklists provide value over those written in paragraphs.

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Emergency Preparedness: Communication Plans

We have consistently heard feedback regarding communications plans, specifically E-29 and E-32 tags. Surveyors are asking “How do you plan to communicate in the event of loss of landline, cell phone and internet?” Keep Reading

Tabletop Exercise: Severe Weather

Review our latest Tabletop Exercise covering Severe Weather. Keep Reading

Executive Summary of the 2017 AON Report and 2016 CNA Claim Reports

The frequency and severity of claims for Senior Living Communities are the primary factors that affect insurance costs. Claims typically make up 60-70 percent of an insurance company’s costs, with their overhead and expenses making up the other 30-40 percent. Keep Reading

Courtroom Trials and Errors
April 12-13
West Des Moines, Iowa

Active Threat Training
May 14
Ackley, Iowa

Andy Schoepf, Risk and Claims Manager
Lee Agency

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