Andy Schoepf Earns CRM Designation

Andy Schoepf, our Risk and Claims Manager, recently earned his Certified Risk Manager (CRM) designation. The CRM designation requires completion of five, 16-20 hour classes (Principles of Risk Management, Control of Risk, Financing of Risk, Analysis of Risk and Practice of Risk Management), each culminating in an intense 200 point test. Risk Management is a broad approach to helping any organization manage the impacts of the risks they take on a regular basis.

While Lee Agency has historically done a fantastic job helping organizations utilize insurance products to help finance their risks, we believe that helping our clients understand their risks at a higher level will allow them to make better decisions regarding how they want to manage those risks, with insurance still being one of the options to do so. We have already seen the value Andy has added to our organization and to our clients through the education he has provided directly to clients as well as to our staff internally. Specifically, one of the tasks that Andy has taken internally is that of managing our large or difficult claims. His broad understanding of insurance as well as his practical understanding of risk has made him an invaluable asset when it comes to advocating for our clients in claim situations.

We look forward to continuing to offer his Risk Management and Claims services to our clients! Congratulations, Andy!

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