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Account Manager


The Account Manager assists in the production of new accounts and the retention of existing accounts. He/she provides prompt, efficient, high-quality service to designated accounts in support of Producer activities.

Essential Functions

A person in the Account Manager position is expected to perform the following essential functions:

  1. Receives phone calls and office visitors requesting quotes, changes to existing coverage and/or new policies; completes changes/requests within 24 hours of receipt; determines acceptability and placement; completes applications or endorsements; and collects premium when applicable
  2. Conducts periodic service calls for designated accounts
  3. Processes claims and follows up on outstanding claims, providing assistance in their resolution, as necessary; and seeks help from Producer when problems arise
  4. Maintains a concern for timeliness and completeness when interacting with customers, agency, and company personnel to minimize potential for errors & omissions
  5. Performs special projects at the request of designated clients after being approved by Producer. Binders and/or policy or endorsement requests are to be completed within three days of date quoted to client
  6. Documents all material conversations with insures regarding exposures, coverages, claims, etc.
  7. Receives and reviews all terminations and cancellations to determine action to be taken, and takes action within 72 hours
  8. Handles premium collection through form letters and requests cancellation of policies when necessary
  9. Reviews updated client exposure survey information and obtains information from the insured and gathers risk management recommendations within a certain time prior to renewals of designated accounts
  10. Reviews renewals to determine if a rewrite is needed to a different carrier due to non-renewals, access to standard markets, or better premium and/or coverage and submits applications at least 30 days prior to renewal
  11. Secures and submits required renewal underwriting information
  12. Delivers renewals and/or binders for designated accounts, as needed, within five days of receipt
  13. Makes Producer aware when contact is needed with the client regarding claims, renewals, issues, new policies, etc.
  14. Reviews existing accounts to determine if additional lines of insurance or increases in limits and/or coverage should be solicited, throughout the policy year and at renewal
  15. Solicits expiration dates for policies not written by the agency and gives to Producer to pursue
  16. Performs other functions as assigned by the Producer

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Education & Experience Qualifications

This position requires a high school diploma, with an associate’s degree or two years of customer service experience preferred.

Other Requirements

The Account Manager must obtain licenses in all lines that he/she works in.

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